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i miss so many places but i really don’t miss any places at all.

because missing a place is really a substitute for missing a group of people, a mindset, a time - an era of your life defined by your surroundings because they were different than anything else you’ve ever known. going back to the place won’t satiate the longing or quell the nostalgia, because no matter what, things have changed, and people have moved on and the place won’t be how you’ve left it. sometimes returning to the city or the country just adds to the emptiness of knowing that you can never return to those specific trips that shaped you; you’ll never recreate those memories fading ever-distant into your past. you can’t tug at the ever-flowing current of time to get just a few seconds back of that feeling of truly living that was inspired by the confluence of stars that brought you, those people, that place, those circumstances together all at once.

so the only thing to do is keep chasing, chasing that wanderlust, collecting more and more experiences that you’ll then miss equally sharply, leaving a trail of goodbyes and adding to the ever-growing list of places you miss, experiences you ache to replay, moments that define who you are. those places are home, even if they will never exist again the way they did for you then.

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Ansel Elgort for Dazed & Confused

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rescue me chin boy, and show me the stars

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are you having a rough day? try staring at this gifset of zayn malik. are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, or fed up? look at zayn malik. did your cat just throw up? shhhh. just sit here with me for a minute. pause. breathe. lovegaze at zayn malik. have you been listening to a lot of people talk a lot of bullshit? it’s okay. think about zayn malik. are you a desolate and stormy desert plain? zayn malik. 

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zayn → music videos

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